TEC 5 FPM by Epoca

The products of the Heavy Duty Epoca are robust and efficient. Are nebulizers, pressure pumps from 0 to 2 liters, pressure pumps from 3 to 10 liters and knapsack sprayers.

The Heavy Duty line is distinguished by the type of seal used NBR (nitrile rubber), FPM (fluorocarbon rubber) and EPDM (ethylene-dienepropilene rubber) and for its use in various applications. The products of this line meet the needs of various markets: the building industry, car care, cleansing, disinfection and disinfection professional and domestic.

Tec 5 FPM has a total capacity of 5600 ml, the spear plastic 40.5 cm, adjustable shoulder strap 120 cm, tube of 1.4 meters.