Fixnet, a product by Eurodif

Eurodif presents FIXNET, an innovative product for fixing anti-intrusion networks without the need to first create the support frame. It can be used on any surface.fixnet_pannello_solare termico

FIXNET® is an economical product, quick to assemble and does not damage surfaces.

It can be used to protect photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, windows, doors, balconies, small openings, etc.

The hook is placed directly without the need to drill, except in cases of deteriorated or porous surfaces.

The fixing can be done with specific silicone for polycarbonate or with double-sided adhesive tape. On the sides, the appropriate grooves allow stopping the hook with screws or rivets.

Product features:

– Polycarbonate treated anti-U.V. in the mass

– Dimensions: mm 30x35x10 h

– Package: 100 pcs