Klight: an UV trap


The UV adhesive trap plates by Ekommerce are the product of an ever-growing technical evolution, sensitivity to the environment and the care for design. This is what makes them so aesthetically appealing and functional, especially in the Ho.Re.Ca.

The IP lamps  are protected from dust and water sprays in compliance with the standards CEI EN 60529, considering that dust can actually reduce the power of these traps.

Slim 3 is a UV trap, in stainless steel assembled with actinic lamps BL368 2×15 W. Glueboard black or yellow.

Device (dimension: length 470, depth 80 and width 300 mm) covers 80 m2 on the white wall: great quality/price combined with a reduced thickness, makes the model an alternative equivalent to more expensive and bulky system.

The UV trap can be suspended or fixed to the wall in multi-position with dowels.