Nuvacid 50, broad-spectrum insecticide

For a successful pest control in large environments and particularly challenging Newpharm proposes Nuvacid® 50, insecticide-acaricide concentrate indicated for the disinfection of indoor and outdoor environments.

New formulation effective broad spectrum of action, ideal to break down and flush out the most common species of crawling and flying insects.

Particularly suitable in the food industry, has one of the largest uses the label (it is suitable for the food, but also for civil / urban and livestock). If the goal is to get an even more pronounced, the company recommends to associate Nuvacid 50 new water-alcohol based solvent Newsol, developed entirely by laboratories Newpharm.

The latter solution is one of the new 2015 Newpharm: Nuvacid Combi Pack, produced in a practical packaging.