Advion Ant Gel: a product against ants

Advion Ant Gel: a product against ants unique technology for ant control for professional Pest Control operators.

Despite their small size, ants present huge problems to properties, businesses and public institutions, their feeding preferences are known to change readily, and it is therefore recommended to use a formulation that provides greater flexibility. The formulation of Advion®Ant Gel – by Syngenta – takes this into account for greater acceptance by more key ant species and for more confident control.

Advion®Ant Gel contains 0.05% indoxacarb in a highly palatable gel bait formulation designed for professional indoor and outdoor control of key ant species. The active ingredient is bio-activated to its highly insecticidal form by the ant’s metabolism, and it can effectively differentiate between target and non-target organisms thanks to its unique mode of action.Advion Ant Gel Package Photo

The conversion of the indoxacarb molecule into its more insecticidal form can only take place with interaction from the insect’s (target organism) enzymes. The activated molecule then binds to the target site and blocks the insect’s sodium channels. The insect experiences paralysis, followed by death.

This change in molecular structure further ensures effective differentiation between target insect pests and non-target organisms, such as mammals. This allows better-targeted control with maximum environmental safety.

Advion attracts ants quickly and even outcompetes existing food sources. It remains active, palatable and stable for extended periods, allowing more pests to consume the bait. Some bait products may become unattractive or unpalatable after application, but Advion®Ant Gel remains palatable and effective up to 90 days. Advion®Ant Gel extended the duration of action provides unrivaled confidence in managing pest management effectively thanks to a sustained residual effect.

The proven performance of indoxacarb in a gel formulation is highly attractive, providing powerful broad spectrum ant control with low toxicity to non-target pests. Advion Ant Gel bait is specifically formulated to be attractive to key ant species, including:

– Black or garden ant (Lasius niger)

– Carpenter ant (Camponotus)

– Ghost ant (Tapinoma melanocephalum)

– Argentine ant (Linepithema humile)

The low toxicity of the product and its precise application makes it suitable for use in sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools, food handling establishments, and residences.

Advion®Ant Gel bait has all the features you need for reliable pest control:

–  Innovative bio-activation technology

– Highly palatable and quickly consumed

– Control of key ant species

– Labeled for food-handling establishments

– Favorable environmental profile