Vebi Tech, the brand to professional

Vebi Istituto Biochimico – a postwar biochemical company which manufactures and trades at international level chemical products for domestic, civil and industrial use – confirms itself as an active and dynamic reality, ready to call into question to explore new approaches to the market and to enhance its business performances.

It has been always considering vital to take into account not only market economic needs but also social and environmental ones. Based on these values, in this year and a half, the company has traveled through a path of total renewal for its image and structure, turning to a more modern look, near to its market of reference current needs.

immagine per newsEspecially, the firm will is to differentiate with a brand ad hoc, Vebi Tech, the offer addressed to professional stakeholder, that has been always distinguished for the effectiveness of its solutions and a detailed and high-level consultancy service. This independent identity reflects with a clear and technical image but at the same time grafically studied, effectiveness innovation and service values, which the company has ever challenged to promote and to offer.