For mosquito control


Aquatain AMF is a silicone based liquid which self-spreads across the surface e of standing water, forming a very thin film and disrupting the mosquito breeding cycle for up to 4 weeks.

By B.Line Export, Aquatain AMF does not contain any toxic chemicals ie it does not kill mosquitoes by chemical or biological means.
The product has a physical action on immature stages of mosquitoes which live in the water: the very low surface tension of the silicone film prevents the pupae and larvae from attaching themselves to the surface to breathe, causing them to drown.
In addition, trials have shown that the low surface tension also impacts on egg laying: female mosquitoes do not deposit their
eggs on water which has been treated with Aquatain AMF, but many of them drown while attempting to do so.
This is a summary of the trials which have been conducted around the world:

• 100% mortality of pupae of all mosquito species within 3 hours • 100% mortality of L3,L4 larvae in 1-3 days •

94% mortality of L1,L2 larvae in about 10 days (aedes are generally slower to die than anopheles or culex)

• 100% suppression of pupation

• No eggs laid on Aquatain AMF

• Many females drown while attempting to lay eggs on AMF film

• The product is effective for 4 weeks on the surface.

Silicones are an ideal for this purpose, as they are inert, non-toxic and non-flammable.  They are widely used in consumer and industrial applications including building materials, lubricants, shampoo, sealants, medical devices, contact lenses, and even in food applications.

Furthermore, they degrade in the environment to compounds of silicone dioxide, carbon dioxide and water. They do not bioaccumulate ie. they do not build up in the bodies of living organisms, because they are too large to pass through  cell membranes.

The silicone used in Aquatain AMF is the most commonly used silicone in the world, and it meets the US EPA (Environmental  Protection Agency, USA) polymer exemption rule and the NICNAS (National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment  Scheme, Australia) polymers of low concern criteria, among others.