Blue Delta: an insecticide by Blue Line

Blue Delta is a Pyrethroid insecticide in suspension concentrate for professional use in civil field including home.

100 g of product contain: Deltamethrin 2.5 g (2.5 g/l), Coformulants q. b. 100 g.

Broad-spectrum insecticide, acts with a very low dose of active ingredient per square meter of surface (10-12 mg/sqm) for the presence of a pure isomer.

Bleu Delta has long lasting residual action, particularly suitable for the control of flies, horseflies, mosquitoes, ants, fleas, ticks, etc. Higly effective and easy to use.

The product is used in domestic, civil, industrial and livestock (housing, food industries, warehouses, schools, hospitals, cinemas, shops, barracks, hotels, campsites, holiday parks, restaurants, canteens, transport, farms, stables, animal shelters, kennels, compost heaps, waste dumps).

Dosage: dilute 350-500 ml of Blue Delta in 100 liters of water and distribute by pressure sprayer using 1 liter of solution per 10 sqm of surface. By Blue Line.