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Rodi Natural Stop against mice and rats

By India Industrie Chimiche here is a smell barrier that keeps mice and rats off, harmless to people and animals: WEG!

WEG topi e ratti1

Composition: Allium sativum, Urtica dioica, Olea europaea, Linum usitatissimum, Capsium annum, water, stabilisers, preservatives.

Rodent control conducted by means of traditional rodenticides has a major drawback when considering that rodents are present in places where pets, people and children live.

The risk connected to the use of rodenticides is easily understandable. Moreover, many active ingredients used in baits are only effective to certain species whereas they may be useless for others.

Rodi Natural Stop is not a bait but a vegetable oil-gel that rodents dislike and move away from because it takes advantage of two peculiarities of rodents: their developed sense of smell and their habit to dig long and superficial tunnels.

Rodent control with Rodi Natural Stop is systematic and tends to turn the sites where rodents live into badsmelling places, impossible to live in. This is done without disturbing animals and people. The sites where rodents live are easily recognisable by the presence of bad smell, grease (betalanolin), droppings, dens and gnawing signs.

Suitable for:

Large premises: ideal for companies and/or foodstuffs warehouses because it does not kill rodents but just keeps them away. As a result, there is no intoxication risk.

Agricultural areas: damage in these areas can be remarkable right from the sowing time because rodents can dig long tunnels and thus destroy vast areas. The product does not interfere with any type of crop (intensive, fruit and vegetable, flower).

Excellent to protect horse stables: rodents aim at colonising horse stables because of the favourable conditions they find. Their presence is responsible for epidemic and potential vectors of various infectious diseases such as verminosis, dermatophytosis, leptospyrosis, foot-and-mouth, rickettsiosis etc. Safe for other living organisms. If swallowed by pets or other bred animals it is not toxic.

Application techniques

The area to be treated should be subdivided into 3 zones: Infested zonesZones at riskTransit zones. The soil and the dens soaked with Rodi Natural Stop (according directions for use) create a natural and impassable barrier that keeps rodents away forever. The pattern is centripetal, going from the tracks towards the soaked dens.

Directions for use

Apply the product as it is in the areas to be treated (1 litre is sufficient for 20 linear meters approx.). The peculiar liphophilic composition of the product secures long-lasting effect. For prevention, apply the product every 15 days.

Package 1 litre bottle in 6-unit carton