Entostudio. Entomology Lab


Entostudio is an entomology lab that provides a large variety of entomology consulting services.
Insects are a fascinating world as well as a very complex one: their ways of reproducing themselves, how they feed, their capability of adaptation to the changes of their habitat… all this makes them a breed of winners. They become therefore tremendous competitors for the humans who strive daily to defend their cultivations, but not only that.

All that surrounds us, as well as ourselves, may be considered by insects and arthropodes in general, as a source of food.
New knowledge and technological innovations as well as the continuous immigration of new species along with an ever-growing resistance of insects toward pesticides, require an endless evolution of the fighting techniques.

This is the field in which Entostudio operates: its experts have been studying insects for years devising new control strategies and honing old tecniques. A dynamic and an ever up-dated team, also thanks to the close and continuous co-operation with the University of Padua and the Istituto Zooprofilattico delle Venezie of Legnaro.