Parabolika Consulting: a team of professionals

Parabolika Consulting, a team of professionals who rely on flexibility, professionalism, and passion

Parabolika Consulting is a team of professionals able to promote public procurement, rather than for creating innovative multimedia content for companies. Parabolika Consulting’s staff is able to guarantee technical performance in outsourcing to grow together.Woman climber success silhouette in mountains, ocean and sunset

For companies wishing to participate in public tenders with the most economically advantageous offer, the technical-economic planning is taken care of, starting with a preliminary analysis of the benefits and critical points of the initiative. Moreover, it is able to suggest from time to time the most innovative and avant-garde proposals, so I adjust the votes in public tenders.

With regard to innovative technologies and the application of companies to companies, the staff takes care of every aspect of desktop and digital publishing (production and layout of technical reports, books, catalogs, paper articles, interactive PDFs, digital communication products and multimedia brochures), print design, three-dimensional graphics, solutions for mobile devices and augmented reality.

The Parabolika Consulting staff aims to provide each applicant with the appropriate experience and skills, such as an outsourced technical office, designed to reduce costs and increase business success.