Elite. Atomizers effective and elegant

Atomizers effective and elegant

Elite is a series of atomizers created by Spray Team with an elegant yet functional and safe. Main features: Diesel Engines silenced by 17, 26.5 and 35.2 hp, liquid-cooled, electric start 12 V; Oil tank 45 liter polyethylene with gauge and indicator light on the control unit; Viton diaphragm pumps and gear reduction unit; Pressure control valve, self-cleaning filter and shaker brass antacid. Belt drive. The frames are steel profiles, hot-dip galvanized. Thrown profits from 20 to 35 meters.

Among the accessories:Mmanual and electric hose reel rollers 50 and 100 meters with movements of bearings; Metering pumps, 15 liters, driven by electric motors 200 Watt and accompanied by two or three tanks for weed control products; Remote controls for remote management of all functions of the panel; Infrared cameras Color Monitor with 7 “LCD with TV tuner to 99 channels, built-in antenna and IR remote control; Kit Termofogger for disinfestation saturated environment; Electrostatic charging kit to ensure maximum coverage and minimum dispersion in the environment.

Sizes range from small 130 × 120×155 – 260 kg at the largest 137 × 170×130 – 430 kg.