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Spiders are not insects, but belong to the class of arachnids, which are distinguished by having four pairs of legs and a body divided into two sections, namely the head and chest welded and abdomen; can be recognize finally for the absence of antennas.

Form the order of Arameides which is the largest group of arachnids, counting more than 30.000 species. All produce silk that is not always used to be combined nets, but also to protect the eggs and small or to build their own den. All are also predators and paralyze victims inoculating poison. Males are generally smaller than their mates and be recognized by the swollen palps. In Italy there are no spiders deadly for the man while she lives in a limited on area of Volterra, a relative of the Black Widow (Latrodectus mactans)


This spider said precisely Volterra’s spider (Latrodectus tredecimguttatus) can be recognized by the 13 red spots on the abdomen black, lives in the ground through the vegetation and if it bites humans can cause a severe form of poisoning often accompanied by fever.


Common in our gardens is the cross spider (Araneus diadematus) weaving the typical circular cobwebs with spiral threads of a sunburst. It winters, as many other representatives of this group, the egg stage, protected inside by small balls of silk.



Pholcidae and Salticidae attend our homes: the first colonize the corners, where they build conspicuous webs, the second run through the rooms in small jumps (hence the name) to search for prey.




Tegenaria domestica is big hairy spider and rather common in the cellars, where he made paintings not sticky which serve to warn the predator’s passage of a victim.


Warehouses, stores and industries are often visited by arachnids that can find an ideal habitat for the proliferation. For their diet, the infestation of spiders usually follow those of other insects.

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Pest Control: Techniques and Cleaning

Spiders lurk and thrive in small dark spaces where warm and, weaving their cloth, they can feed on other small arthropods.  For this reason, feeding even of some insect pests, such as flies and gnats, it is necessary to carefully evaluate whether it is the case to intervene with a treatment of disinfestation is that our work doesn’t produce then, in the long run, an opposite effect.

Freeing us from the spiders we find ourselves in an absurd ‘infestation due to their absence. The presence of spiders is usually an indication of poor hygiene and environmental neglect. It is very likely that spiders enter the house during the fall to look for a warm place to spend the winter.

There are several tips to be given to customers to avoid problems with spiders in the house:

Switch the vacuum cleaner regularly

Clear the visible nets

Plug the holes in the walls and under doors to prevent their entry

– Eliminate safe havens such as piles of firewood and compost near the house

– Use lighting that attracts fewer insects they eat spiders

It would be good to know that use a broad-spectrum pest control products with smoke, it may not bring any benefit to the resolution of the problem of spiders. It is therefore more indicated a fight with residual products of contact. Of course you should run before a proper cleansing treatment including removal of nets.

Mario Alessi